Got Questions?

"What's up with shit brownies?"  —Everyone

Welcome to the FAQ-pocalypse! Gleefully inundate your brain with info until it leaks from places info should not leak! Unlike all the other billion FAQs vomited across this website, this page strives to stuff you full of the good stuff: me.

/Dustin waves/

And, umm, the Arachnomancer books. Whatever you want to know, I've got you covered. Whatever you don't want to know, I've got you covered, too! This ain't the place for TMI complaints. And if I'm missing something, send me an email.

The Questions

Ordered by magic & whim

Spoilers shall be shot on sight!
Where are all of the FAQs?

That's a darn good question! It's certainly not because Dustin is lazy. Come back in a week, and there will be lots of questions for you to explore. :)

How many books will be in the Arachnomancer series?

At least four, probably not more than a hundred. (A more serious answer: I like the number six, but don't hold me to that.)

I love Olindale and have invested a stupid number of hours developing it for your pleasure. Even beyond Dhane's story, I think there can be other books that takes place in this world, similar to what I did for Challenger Sarah in Bookworm to Badass. Feel free to reach out and let me know how many books you'd like to see.

When will Arachnomancer 4 be released?

It's coming in 2024! Book 3 took forever because I had other books I needed to finish first. But now, Arachnomancer gets my full attention.