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"Yo, Aaliyah, it's groovin' time!"  —Devron
"My song sucks... Raging Rabbits? Seriously?"  —Aaliyah

All of the music featured on this website was made with the help of Suno. These songs are free for your amusement. I hope you like them!


Err... one album. More to come!

<Yay! My song, best best best!>  —Octoralis /dances/

Arachnomancer Character Theme Songs, Vol. 1

Arachnomancer Character Theme Songs, Vol. 1 album cover
  • It's Me, The Master of Arena [Gorlan] ⚠️
  • Raging Rabbits [Aaliyah]
  • Petra Rolls [Penny]
  • Meat, Meat, Meat! [Nick]
  • Carrot Feast [Blibby] ⚠️
  • Bacon Day [Zobb] ⚠️
  • A Heart Full of Light [Devron]
  • About Them Melons
  • Drippin' Drool [Drool] ⚠️
  • Tom Loves Cake [Tom]
  • Crabby King [King Gigeneepa] ⚠️
  • Spider Hugs [Octoralis]
  • Vampire With a Sweet Tooth [Sarah] ⚠️
  • Sisters of Death [Niveus & Altera]