The Arachnomancer Books

Come for the laughs!

Stay because Octoralis won't let you leave... <Snacks, Daddy?>

If you're not in the know, Arachnomancer is an isekai/portal fantasy, LitRPG series with lots of humor. It all takes place in a heaven called Olindale, where those of Light battle against those of Shadow. And Dhane—our poor protagonist—finds himself against both sides as the first human of Shadow.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Bloopers, Cut Scenes, Character Interviews... "Where are the doughnuts?"  —Sarah
$4.99 · Arachnomancer, Book #1

Wrong Divinity

Oh Sh*t! I F*cking Hate Spiders!

$4.99 · Arachnomancer, Book #2

Stray Shadow

Oh Sh*t! Wrong Side of Heaven!

$4.99 · Standalone

Bookworm to Badass

An Arachnomancer Novel

FREE · Short Story

Misadventures in Fairyland

What the F*ck Happened to Tod?

You may have just finished Bookworm to Badass and wondered, "What actually happened to Tod?" Well, wonder no more! In this free story, we get to see the events of the first contest from Tod’s perspective. Unravel the mystery and have a laugh!

$4.99 · Arachnomancer, Book #3

Tropical Hazard

Oh Sh*t! Cobalins Can't Swim!

FREE · Short Story

Humans & Pineapples

Gills Just Wanna Have Fun!

Ellirae has always been different. In the underwater city of Thalassia, where everyone follows the rules, she harbors a forbidden curiosity about the surface world and its mysterious inhabitants—humans.