Looking for a hilarious book series? Look no further!

After an unlucky encounter with Truck-kun 🚚, Dhane wakes up in a heaven for nerds and gamers and everything in between. It's perfect! It's every bit of an afterlife he could have hoped for.

Except for one tiny thing...



... by the wrong side...

The first human of Shadow, an Arachnomancer

Dhane—who very much hates spiders—is chosen by the Spider divinity, the Mother of Shadows, and thrust into an eternal war between Light and Shadow.

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Note: This Early Access website is not complete. Blame it on the damn Cobalins. I told them I didn't need their help, but they insisted. Mud and keyboards do not mix!
What the author has to say:

Why Early Access?

In order to launch this website along with the third Arachnomancer book, Tropical Hazard, I had to cut roughly 90% of what I had planned. That's not to say the site is barren (it's kind of barren, actually). Lots of great stuff here for you to enjoy!

This is the start of an experiment. I'm a developer and designer, and I love the idea of creating rich worlds for my readers to explore. But content like this requires time and lots of updates.

The site can't launch complete because the series isn't complete. As I discover new things in the world, I'll come here and add them. I've developed features that will allow me to time my content releases to drop with new books. This means I can add a little bit of content every day, and on launch, the website will just transform.

I can't wait for this to happen!

If you want to be notified of new books and major content releases, sign up for my newsletter on my author site. I'm looking forward to delivering many laughs for many more years! Thanks for being here. :)