Dhane kicked the bucket in spectacular fashion, every bone crushed, every organ popped against the full force of a 40-ton garbage truck speeding through a red light.

The only part of him intact—whole—entirely unaffected by the grisly affair was his soul. Souls are durable things, you see, like kids: they bounce.

And bounce he did, into the abyss between worlds, drifting until one excited soul watcher fished him out and found him a new home, a heaven for gamers and nerds and everything in between.

It was all he could have ever wanted in the afterlife, down to choosing his class, killing mobs, and exploring a beautiful fantasy world chock full of mysteries yet to be discovered.

At least . . . it would have been those things if that first day had gone a little, tiny bit differently.

Instead, he now finds himself locked in the middle of an eternal conflict between Light and Shadow—humans and monsters—potentially being the enemy to all.

Wrong Divinity is the start of a GameLit series that balances comedy with serious themes. It’s an isekai, a portal fantasy, to the spirit realm. Join Dhane, our underdog, as he explores his new world, a world full of unique characters, RPG mechanics, and spiders—ugly, terrifying spiders—while he learns what it means to be an Arachnomancer.


What do you want to know?

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I don't like spiders! Will I like Arachnomancer?

Given the title of the series, you might expect a lot of terrifying spiders, but I assure you, I only include happy and cute spiders.

<Hi! I am Octoralis. I like candlelit dinners and long walks on sandy beaches. Oh! And I give best hugs. B-but only to people who want them. You want warm hug?>

Look, statistics don't lie. 9 out of 10 arachnophobes recommend this series. You can't go wrong!

What type of game system does the series explore?

A too-damn-complex one! There are 24 classes in Olindale, each with 24—or more—skills. That’s a whole lot of skills for a poor author (me) to keep track of.

But to answer your question, the game system has influences from Diablo, using attributes for Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality. The classes started out fairly typical, including things like warrior, mage, and tank, but then quickly dove into new territory.

One of my favorite classes is the Builder, follower of the Termite. I love tower defense games, and that’s precisely what this class is all about: building towers and defenses.