Some of my favorite things

<Me me me! I be your favorite, yes?> —Octoralis

Favorite Characters

Celestira and Dracina are my favorite new characters in Arachnomancer 3. They just want cuddles! Who doesn’t like cuddles?

I like how different they are from each other and all other characters, how Dracina is explosive and Celestira is overly reserved. The contrast between their personalities, while showing the bond they share, makes them fun.

Oh, and flarking hell! How could I forget Dracina’s colorful use of language? I think every story needs a hot-headed, none-too-careful character who’s not afraid to act and make mistakes.

<I no see me...>

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Octoralis. She's the bestest of best characters who only wants to give everyone warm hugs.


Favorite Scene

There are a lot of scenes I liked in this book: Dedu Tedu Novus being closed for Cobalin Appreciation Day; Evelyn, the bacon imposter; Kora’s inappropriate voodoo doll suggestion…; and Sarah reading her monster romance book to Cobalins.

But the scene that got me to laugh the most was Ellirae and Nick’s lesson on consent. My type of humor greatly appreciates embarrassment and misunderstandings. I also enjoy flipping expectations on their heads.

Nick—our playboy, lover of spotlights, and connoisseur of rare meats—is entirely expected to take advantage of the adorable and naïve Ellirae. So, to find him tied up as he was, was the perfect twist.

We see more of Ellirae in her short story. I like her a lot and look forward to seeing what else happens between her and her chosen mate.

Favorite Interaction

Here’s a copy-and-paste from the climax, a scene from Knock’s point of view:

All eyes watched. Good good. He sucked in a breath en shouted in his most commanding of voices, de voice en words he only used in bed, “Release! De secret! WEAPON!”

He couldn’t help de little smug smile that twitched de corners of his lips. De evil adventurers be shaking in their big big boots.

Their doom be coming!

At some point, yes yes.

Any second now. . . .


“Cricket, cricket,” Desley whispered.

He whipped around. “That not what cricket sound like!”


“Ha! I show you de way.” Desley walked up to de cliff, made a hand horn, en shouted, “RELEASE DE CRABKIN!”

I had this idea planned way back while writing the second Arachnomancer book, once I met the “Captain of the Adamguard,” King Gigeneepa. Alas, it didn’t fit the second book and nearly didn’t fit the third.

I think this worked particularly well due to the number of humorous layers. There’s a reference to An American Tail, the 1986 animation. Some sexual innuendo. Setting and twisting expectations. Desley making “cricket” sounds. And the eventual “Release de crabkin,” which alters the original saying, “Release the Kraken!”