New Skills

Tropical Hazard - Appendix II

(What happened to Appendix I?) - (We do not talk about Appendix I)

This appendix only includes new skills introduced since Stray Shadow. For previous skills, please refer to Stray Shadow - Appendix II and Wrong Divinity - Appendix II.


Unlocked at level 13

Spidersmith [Intelligence · Lvl. 1]

  • Mana: 60
  • Fatigue Counters: 0

Summon a spider that specializes in repairing and enhancing gear. Each use creates a Fatigue counter that increases the skill’s mana cost on subsequent casts by 10. These counters fade after 20 hours.


The Spidersmith can repair gear for X durability or AP [Skill Level × Intelligence] over 5 minutes. This type of repair does not reduce the item’s total durability.


A temporary effect that can be used on weapons, armor, or tools that lasts X minutes [(1 + Skill Level) × Intelligence].

Weapons: +X% damage [2 × Skill Level + 1/4 Intelligence].

Armor: +X armor points [4 × Skill Level + Intelligence].

Tools: +X% chance to double yield [3 × Skill Level + 1/3 Intelligence]. Negate durability damage for the full duration of the effect.


Unlocked at level 13

Knife Throw [Dexterity · Lvl. 1]

  • Mana: 18
  • Damage: 3× 3-5 + Venom Counter

Throw three translucent knives at the target that deals 3-5 damage [1-3 + Skill Level × 1/6 Dexterity] and applies a venom counter per hit. The knives last up to 60 seconds before fading.

Each venom counter increases venom-based attack damage by 1 and deals 1 damage every 3 seconds for a total of 9 seconds. If the target is hit with another venom counter before the effect is removed, the timer is reset.

Maximum of 5 active venom counters from Knife Throw.

General Skills

Provided by items

Skill Echo [Enchantment · Lvl. 3]

  • Mana: -X%
  • Class: Arachnomancer

Recast your last Arachnomancer skill [Skill Class], paying X% less mana [Enchantment Level × 1/2 Intelligence]. This skill cannot cost less than 7 mana [10 - Enchantment Level] and can only be triggered once per original skill cast.

Mana Pulse [Enchantment · Lvl. 2]

  • Mana: X
  • Area Effect: 20 Feet
  • Cooldown: 8 Minutes

Restore X mana [Enchantment Level × Intelligence] to yourself and all party members within 20 feet [10 × Enchantment Level]. This skill has an 8-minute cooldown [10 - Enchantment Level].

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